Q: What situation would constitute rescheduling an exam?

1. Two courses with examinations on the same day.
2. A minimum of three courses with exams in a two day period. Note: This situation will not be eligible for rescheduling if it occurs because the student took a course out-of-division.

Q: How do I reschedule an exam?
To request an examination rescheduling, please use the Exam Rescheduling Form (PDF) and submit the form to the exam coordinator, Office of the Registrar.

By Mail: New England Law | Boston, 154 Stuart Street, Office of the Registrar, exam coordinator, Boston, MA 02116

By Registrar's Drop-off Box: Place the completed Exam Rescheduling Form in the registrar's drop-box located on the third floor of the Stuart Street building across from the Student Lounge.