Q: Can I access my grades online?
A: Yes, you must login to the NECIN site, using your New England Law ID number and password. Problems? Contact the TMS staff at (617) 422-7404 or

Q: Are the grades reflected on the NECIN site official?
A: Yes. Once the Registrar's Office posts the grades to NECIN, they are final.

Q: What happens if I receive an Incomplete grade?
A: If you receive an Incomplete grade and don't know why, you should contact the Registrar's Office immediately because there may be a problem with your exam.

Q: What is the policy concerning an Incomplete grade that has been arranged with the Professor?
A: An incomplete grade must be replaced by a grade within 90 days. Please see the Student Handbook for more detailed information.

Q: What if I believe there is a mistake concerning a grade I received?
A: If you believe there may be a mistake in calculating your final grade, you may contact the Faculty Receptionist or the Professor to arrange to review your exam.

Q: When are final grades posted?
A: For fall grades, Professors are given five weeks from the date of the final exam/paper due date to submit the grades to the Registrar's Office. For spring grades, professors are given four weeks to submit their grades to the Registrar's Office.